Hoosiers For Quality EducationChip Perfect Receives Endorsement From Hoosiers for Quality Education

“Indiana needs bold leaders in the legislature who will stand up for students’ interests, not special interests,” said Betsy Wiley, president of HQE. “We look forward to working with Chip Perfect in the Indiana Senate to improve the quality of education for each Hoosier child.”

Jud McMillinChip Perfect Receives Endorsement From State Representative Jud McMillin

Chip Perfect is exactly the kind of leader we need in the Indiana State Senate. Chip is knowledgeable on the issues and prepared to lead on day one. In addition, Chip Perfect is a real conservative with strong ties to his community and a long history of creating jobs. I am excited to endorse his candidacy for the Indiana State Senate.

IFBChip Perfect Receives Primary Endorsement From The Indiana Farm Bureau Elect Committee

As a former Ag Education teacher with a degree in Agriculture from Purdue University, a farm owner of 15+ years, and father to 3 kids who achieved 10 years each in our local 4-H program, it’s obvious to say that agriculture is very important to me. From a young age I learned about hard work, self-motivation, and responsibility by growing up on a farm. Although I’ve received multiple endorsements during this campaign, all of which I value, I couldn’t be more proud to receive a Primary Campaign Endorsement from the Indiana Farm Bureau ELECT Committee.

Indiana ChamberChip Perfect Receives “AQ” Rating from NRA

Chip Perfect received an “AQ” rating from the National Rifle Association (NRA). The rating is the highest rating given by the organization.

Members of the NRA will interpret your "AQ" rating and endorsement as being a strong pro-gun/pro-hunting candidate who strongly supports our Second Amendment freedoms and hunting heritage.

Indiana Manufacturers Association Endorses Chip Perfect

Indiana ChamberMarch 25, 2014 – Manufacturing is critical to the Indiana economy. In fact, Indiana is the most manufacturing intensive state in the U.S. Manufacturing accounts for over 28% of Indiana's GDP, employs 17% of the Hoosier workforce, and pays 1/4 of the total compensation paid to employees in Indiana.

We have examined the candidates in the primary race and find that Chip Perfect is the candidate who will best advance the interests of Indiana manufacturing. Therefore, we recommend your nomination to Senate District 43 voters in the May primary and election to the Indiana Senate at the November general election.

Indiana Chamber Endorses Chip Perfect for Indiana Senate

Indiana ChamberMarch 12, 2014 (INDIANAPOLIS) – The Indiana Chamber of Commerce announced today its endorsement of Chip Perfect (R-Lawrenceburg) for the Republican primary election to the Indiana Senate, District 43. The endorsement was made by Indiana Business for Responsive Government (IBRG), the non-partisan political program of the Indiana Chamber.

“Chip Perfect is a Hoosier small business success story and will bring a positive, get-things-done approach to the Indiana Senate,” explains Jeff Brantley, vice president of political affairs for the Indiana Chamber. “As a small business owner, Chip knows what it means to build and motivate a team, provide first-rate customer service and create jobs and economic growth in Indiana.”

“I am pleased to receive the endorsement of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce and, as a business owner myself, am grateful for the organization’s efforts in promoting business and economic opportunity,” said Chip Perfect. “I agree with the Chamber that free enterprise, reducing excessive regulations and a having topnotch education system are all critically important to Hoosier prosperity.” A self-described “serial entrepreneur,” Perfect is the owner/operator of Perfect North Slopes in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, as well as several other small businesses in the area. He and his wife Ellen have three grown children and Chip is involved in a variety of community and charitable organizations in the district.

Perfect is running for the open Senate District 43 seat currently held by Sen. Johnny Nugent (R Lawrenceburg),who is retiring this year and has endorsed Chip Perfect as his replacement. The district includes all of Jennings and Ohio counties, as well as portions of Bartholomew, Dearborn, Decatur and Ripley counties.

The Indiana Chamber has been the state’s leading business organization for more than 90 years, representing over 800,000 Hoosier workers through nearly 5,000 member companies across Indiana.

Johnny NugesntMy name will not be on the ballot again for State Senator in district 43, so I want to be certain we select the best person to fill those shoes in the State Senate. We are blessed to have a deep bench of conservative Republicans in this district. However, I believe at this point and time, the right person to pass the torch to is Chip Perfect

My friend Chip has the right philosophy, a positive attitude, is hard-working and well qualified. He is an experienced, highly successful Hoosier businessman with the desire to give something back by serving our area as our representative in the Indiana State Senate. Carefully selecting the right individual to serve as our State Senator weighed heavily on my final decision to not seek re-election. I’m confident that Chip Perfect is that man.

I am proud to endorse Chip Perfect as our Republican candidate for the State Senate, and it is my hope that you can join me in support of Chip as well.

Senator Johnny Nugent

Kevin LynchDear fellow Hoosiers

I am Dearborn County, County Commissioner Kevin Lynch and it is with great pleasure that I endorse Chip Perfect for the Office of Senator, 43rd District in the Great State of Indiana.

Chip Perfect has the Common Sense Leadership that it takes to nurture the ideals that Senator Nugent has spent a lifetime protecting for all of us in Southeastern Indiana.

Over the past thirty years, Chip Perfect has been a successful businessman who has created thousands of jobs through various ventures providing others the opportunity to not only provide for their families but teaching our youth that they can also be successful and providing the incentive for them to succeed.

I encourage you to support Chip Perfect because his Common Sense Leadership provides Opportunities to make Southeastern Indiana not only a great place to do business but a safe, family friendly environment for our children's future.

I endorse Chip Perfect because he truly wants to help people and because he is running for Senator for all the right reasons!

Very Truly Yours
Kevin Lynch.