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I consider myself a bit of a serial entrepreneur and have been a part of 12 business startups. I am still involved in the operation of 9 of those ventures. The advice I give young people is “Do What Excites You!” Entrepreneurism is what has always excited me.

I am very concerned that the kinds of opportunities that enabled me to pursue my dreams are simply not available today. The walls around many great ideas are so high that it is nearly impossible for people to take the risk and fulfill a dream or a business idea.

There is just too much bureaucracy, too many legal hurdles, and too many difficult and expensive regulations standing in the way of new business. Despite my 34 years of business experience, and an excellent management team, the prospect of opening a new business is still daunting!

Opportunities are not just about starting a business. People want opportunities in their work, opportunities available in the companies where they work. If business can’t grow, employee opportunities are limited.

High taxes, government mandates, costly regulations, legal precautions, all take resources away from a business and limit its ability to grow and create opportunity.

Opportunities are about education as well. I was a teacher of high school Agriculture when I first graduated from college. Believe me, I know just how difficult it is to teach. I also have raised three children and understand how important their education has been. The world is changing at a rate faster than any time in history. We face a huge educational challenge to make sure our young people are prepared for the world that is coming at them at high speed! They need educational opportunities to be prepared, and to create their own opportunities in life.

Perfect North Slopes
Greendale LaRosas
Greendale Cinema
Lawrenceburg Speedway


I have a history of civic leadership in our area. I was a member of the Dearborn County 4H Fair Board. I have served as the President of the Dearborn County Chamber of Commerce and the President of the Dearborn County Convention and Visitors Bureau. I currently serve on the Dearborn County Hospital Board of Trustees.

I have been active in business organizations as well. I have been a board member of the Midwest Ski Areas Association for 18 years where I served in every office including President, promoting the ski industry in the midwestern states. I am also on the board of Natorp’s Inc., a landscaping and nursery business in Mason, Ohio.

I am currently the Chairman of the Board of the National Ski Area Association, which serves its 450 member ski resorts in the United States. I have served on that board for the past 10 years. I am very proud that I am the first ski area operator from a Midwest ski area to be elected to the chairmanship of that board.

My parents raised me to be a leader. While growing up on a farm in Dearborn County, responsibilities and opportunities for leadership came early and often. In my youth I was blessed to participate in 4H and FFA organizations that foster leadership.

I like to get things done. I speak my mind. I listen. I like to build consensus! I am reasonable and rational. I have learned a great deal about leadership from a number of mentors over the years, and I continue to strive to become a better leader.

I am excited about the opportunity to put my leadership experience to work for Southeastern Indiana. This community is where I grew up, where I raised my children, where I make my living, where I live my life. It is important for me to give back. I believe becoming your Senator is a way for me to continue doing that!

Common Sense

We are fortunate to live in Southeast Indiana, where common sense is still common. However, you cannot assume that everyone has common sense and uses it while making both small and large decisions.

I often tell young people to figure out what they have to offer. When I first got to college I realized that one of the things I had to offer was common sense. I discovered that I could use my common sense perspective in situations where it was lacking. Calling on this common sense has served me well in becoming a successful businessman, husband and father.

I plan to put my common sense perspective together with my leadership abilities to help insure there are opportunities available for Hoosiers of the 43rd Senate District.

Simply put…Opportunities through Leadership and Common Sense!


I have been married for 29 years to my wife Ellen. We actually grew up less than 4 miles apart, but only met when she joined the first class of the National Ski Patrol at Perfect North Slopes in 1980. We have three great kids. Alex is 25 and is the terrain park manager at Perfect North Slopes after getting his degree in Recreation and Tourism at the University of Northern Colorado. Paige and Grace, our two daughters, currently attend Purdue University. Paige is 23 and working on a degree in Communications and Grace, who is 19, is a freshman studying Engineering.

We love to travel and spend time together. Ellen and I are so proud of our kids. They are fun, funny, love to laugh, and most of all they are very nice and caring people!

We are considered by many to be a “house divided.” People from Indiana know what that means! I attended Purdue University. Ellen attended Indiana University. We now root for whoever is winning! We have kids at Purdue and several nieces who have attended Indiana!

I have a degree in Agriculture Education and taught Ag at East Central for a short time, and then at Rising Sun High school for 4 years.

I was honored by Purdue University in 2006 with a Distinguished Agriculture Alumni award. Honorees are selected by their record of accomplishments, contributions their profession, and their high potential for future professional growth.

Chip Perfect Family

Last year I received an even greater honor from Purdue, as I was chosen from the pool of all alumni to be a member in the Old Masters Program for 2012. It is a long-standing and historic entity at Purdue. Accomplished Alumni are selected to participate in a mentoring program for the students over a 4-day period. It was a great program where I was able to speak with hundreds of students at various events.

Now I have the State Senate in my focus and hope to serve the people of the 43rd District.

One of our favorite family trips to the beautiful state of Alaska.
With my "team" of students during the Old Masters Program weekend at Purdue.
Attending a football game with our two Purdue daughters.
Perfect North Slopes
Snow grooming during my morning routine at work at Perfect North Slopes.
4H Fair
The Perfect family at the 4-H fair with a few of our Angus cattle.
Keystone, Colorado
During a ski day at Keystone, Colorado.
Mitch Daniels
With Mitch Daniels in the President’s Suite at Ross-Ade Stadium during a football game.
Mitt Romney
Meeting Mitt Romney at the National Ski Areas Association annual convention.